December 2020

Elleti Group and Wiser Wash, for a fashion industry that says yes to sustainability

A new and important partnership for Elleti Group: the iconic company from San Bonifacio has joined Wiser Wash’s international network as exclusive partner for Europe and the Mediterranean area (with the exception of Portugal), integrating in its production centres the innovative patented process which results in a low environmental impact denim treatment.

With the introduction of this new technology, Elleti Group significantly reduces the traditional processes – which typically rely on pumice stone and dangerous chemicals – whilst significantly reducing the water usage throughout the whole process. This efficiency also means lower chemical and mechanical stress on fabrics which are now more resistant and lasting. By employing this revolutionary technology, Elleti Group shows its commitment to an environmental agenda that includes state-of-the-art technologies, low impact industrial processes, smart use of non-renewable resources and development of an increasingly lasting product.

The natural crowning of a tireless path committed to researching excellence and creating cutting-edge solutions, driven by Elleti Group’s sustainable efforts, the partnership with Wiser Wash represents a proud moment for the company, which for years has been an international benchmark when it comes to creativity and quality, launching Made in Italy into the future.