Museum of Denim Elleti Group

Elleti Group’s private collection, a museum that collects and tells the story of a century of denim – its history and evolution – through unparalleled and one-of-a-kind garments.

Inaugurated on June 21, 2019, M.O.D.E. is an exhibition of historical garments, dating from 1850 onwards and combining the group’s private collection with Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili’s ex-archive.

Home to some of the rarest and most precious denim garments in the world, the museum holds about one hundred pieces that tell the story of a century featuring the iconic blue fabric. Collected over the years one by one, these pieces are part of an ensemble of legendary models. Among these we find 501XX, Levi’s Type 201, Type 333, the original 701 (the first model of women’s jeans), some 501s from WWII, the original Lee 101 Cowboy, about ten Boss of the Road, a few Stronghold and several other models by historical brands no longer present on the market.

As well as representing a reference point for the whole industry, M.O.D.E. is a personal tribute by Elleti Group’s CEO Luigi Lovato to the previous generations whose pioneering spirit, creativity, and drive to seek new, innovative solutions started denim’s timeless adventure.

“Not only do these garments tell us their story,” said Luigi Lovato, “but they also give us an insight into the ambitious vision of their makers. These jeans are the true testimony of the extraordinary evolution of this world where Elleti Group belongs.”

In light of the exceptional state of preservation of the garments, their rarity and the quantity made available in a single space, M.O.D.E. qualifies as one of the most important private denim collections in the world.

Elleti - M.O.D.E. gallery