Over 15,000 garments, selected and digitalized to outline the path traced by the company’s production: more than just an archive, Stadium stands for Elleti Group’s creative vision and know-how.

Passion for denim and a research work carried out season after season: these are the ingredients that bring Stadium to life, an archive that gathers 40 years’ worth of collection by Elleti Group.

The space consists of a seven bleachers arena where a total of about 15,000 garments recounts denim’s recent history, from the 80s to this day. This outlook on the latest decades of the 20th century offers in terms of style, fit and processing a complete and detailed view of the aesthetic evolution of the denim world.

This precious legacy, cherished with great care, is an extraordinary testimony of the growth of an essential sector of the denim industry. It also represents the company’s assets, to share with the group’s clients and to pass on to future generations.