July 2021

Elleti Group invests in a new pilot project and confirms its commitment to an increasingly more sustainable production.

Elleti Group confirms once again its strong commitment towards the development of an increasingly greener production, through a new pilot project – a state-of-the-art laundry, entirely dedicated to the revolutionary Wiser Wash technology, set in the historic Italian headquarters of San Bonifacio.

One of a kind and already up and running, the facility is the prototype of a model that the Group expects to include in its production centers, to enhance their performance in light of extremely high qualitative standards. In parallel, to guarantee a higher degree of awareness and transparency on the whole treatment process, within this new system are carried out both the collection and analysis of data related to resource use, in order to understand where change is needed to reach a higher level of improvement.

Partner of the Wiser Wash network for Europe and the Mediterranean area (with the exception of Portugal), Elleti Group has exclusive access to this innovative and patented washing technique. By reinventing denim finishing,  this lends itself as the most sustainable alternative on the market to traditional processes.