History and Philosophy: We’re History, and we’re here to make History.

Born in the early ‘80s as a small local laundry, Elleti immediately became the center for denim treatments reinvention, remaining till these days the milestone for the major Italian and international brands.
With 8 production facilities based on 3 countries, thanks to a team of professionals dedicated to every phase of the value-chain, Elleti is able to supply a complete denim service, from the concept developement to industrial production of verticalized product.
With our roots well into the Jeanswear history and our innovative spirit always focused on the search and creation of new trends, at Elleti we don’t just think about the future, we build it!

About our company: Really Indigo, Really Green

In Elleti we don’t consider denim as a mere fabric, or as a garment; for us, denim is a way to communicate, a window on our identity and personality. That’s why our developement team is always working on new treatments that might improve the aesthetic vocabulary of the brands and consumers, developing in the meantime new technologies to make our treatments more sustainable.
Our Earthkeepers line represents the link between this 2 philosophies:the fusion of an authentic look and a reduced enviromental footprint in terms of water/electricity/chemicals consumption.


If you need informations about our workings please contact us


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